JSP, Servlets and Java Web Services

As a Unix administrator you can avoid supporting much of the applications that run on your servers and contain yourself with just the Unix aspects, but as I personally feel the Unix admin role itself is diminishing (no networking, less volume manager stuff, etc) you have to obtain additional skills, my thoughts are that you need to start to look after some of the applications that run on a Unix server i.e. Java EE Application Servers (Apache/Tomcat, JBoss AS 5, etc) and how they work in the bigger picture, its still kind of admin work and the script programming has been replaced with HTML, JSP and Java.

The following document describes how JSP, Servlets and Web Services work, this will be a basic introduction but hopefully it will expand beyond a basic guide as I become more involved and experienced. The below will also help you in taking the SCWCD for Java EE 1.5 exam.

Some of the code will requires a little bit of Java knowledge, so for a refresher or help take a look at my Java web page.

The Documents have been comprised of reading the following books and real world experience, if you are new to JSP, Servlets and Web Services, I highly recommend that you should purchase these books as they contain far more information than this web site contains and of course the Internet contains all the documentation you will ever need.

Please feel free to email me any constructive criticism you have with the site as any additional knowledge or mistakes that I have made would be most welcomed.

Introduction to the Web
  Basic HTML Guide
  What is HTTP (Post and GET)
  What is a URL
  Static web pages and CGI

Web Application Architecture
  What is a Container
  Naming and Mapping Servlets (Deployment Descriptor)
  Model-View-Controller (MVC) overview
  How JEE fits into all this

Mini MVC Tutorial
  The MVC application - The Coffee Advisor
  The HTML Form Page
  The Deployment Descriptor
  The Controller Servlet and Model Class
  The JSP View

  Servlets Life Cycle
  HTTP Methods
  The Request Object
  The Response Object

The Web App
  Init Parameters and ServletConfig introduction
  Complete ServletContextListener Example
  Other Listeners

Session Management
  Session Introduction
  URL rewriting
  Getting rid of Session Objects
  Cookies other Uses
  Milestones for a HttpSession

Using JSP
  JSP expressions, variables and declarations
  JSP-generated Servlet
  JSP Comments
  API for the Generated Servlet
  Initializing your JSP
  Expression Language (EL)
  JSP actions
  Quick Recap

Scriptless JSP
  When attributes are Beans
  Standard Actions - useBean, getProperty, setProperty
  Expression Language (EL)
  EL Functions
  JSP Include

Using JSTL
  JSTL Introduction
  Other Libraries
  Customer Tags

Custom Tag Development
  Tag Files
  Simple Tags
  Classic Tags
  MVC tutorial Improvements using Tags (dynamic attribute interface)
  Tags that work together
  Simple and Classic Key Differences

Web App Deployment
  Deployment Introduction
  WAR Files
  Welcome and Error pages
  Mime Mapping

Web App Security
  Data Confidentiality and Integrity

Filter and Wrappers
  Request Filters
  Response Filter - wrappers

Patterns and Struts
  Hardware and Software forces behind Patterns
  JNDI and RMI

JSP, Servlet and Web Services Books
HeadFirst Servlets and JSP - Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates When I first got this book I was surprised on how many pictures and diagrams were in the book, I was a bit skeptical at first but as I progressed through the book I thought this is an excellent way to learn, this book highlights the saying "a pictures paints a thousands words", I highly recommend these and any of the other Head First Books of which i have many, especially if you are a beginner in the subject.